Pleasant surprises

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I was having a difficult time away from coffee.

But, Roseanna spirited a nice little bag of Costa Ria Lose Lobos, Rio Jorco and an Aeropress into my hospital room, where I'm recovering well from knee surgery.

Daisy, my care tech, joined in the conspiracy by bringing a mug of off boil water for the brew. Instant aroma and enough left over for tomorrow.

The Aeropress is terrific for traveling or dorms or hospital rooms. This clearly has medicinal benefits as I'm not nearly as crabby now.

How To Make Cold Brewed Coffee At Home

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Take a plunge into summer with a nice, freshly brewed iced coffee. This method will deliver a smoother taste than chilling coffee left over from your home brewer.

In a French Press, add 8.5 grams of coarse ground coffee per cup (8 ounces) of cold water. Of course, a gram scale is handy and essential if you’re a dedicated cook. Typically, a French Press comes with a scoop and recommends one scoop per “cup.” I’d check out the scoop’s capacity.

First, saturate the grounds so they don’t float. Pour in the remaining water (our French Press holds 4 cups). Stir until the grounds are fully saturated.

Place the French Press lid onto the pot with the safety lid in the closed position, covering the spout. Leave the plunger raised.

Let the coffee rest and chill overnight for 12 hours in the refrigerator.

The next morning, press gently down on the plunger.

In a tall, ice-filled glass, mix equal parts of the chilled, concentrated coffee with water, or add water to taste. If you wish, add milk and sugar or a flavoring like hazelnut or vanilla.

The Quality Distinction of Latte Art

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Latte art is a showy part of the barista’s craft but, even more, it’s a reflection of quality. Latte art is a skill that displays exacting technique in preparing a latte or cappuccino.

Latte art can’t be done without properly pulled espresso, with a substantial, sustainable crema. Latte art can’t be done with a casual regard to steaming milk. The latter is most visible to you as a consumer.

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How to Brew Strong Coffee

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I think their marriage will last a few more years as they’ve already passed the 60-year mark but my mother and father in law just don’t agree on coffee. Sure, they both like coffee but mom likes strong coffee and dad is of a mind to stretch a basket of grounds.

We gently remind dad that he can always add a little hot water or an ice cube to his cup if the coffee is too strong for his taste. Coffee brewed too weakly can’t be salvaged.

We use a full complement of properly ground coffee whether prepared in volume through our brewers or single cups by hand at our pour-over bar. Let’s begin with a definition of “strong” — the dose of coffee used in brewing.

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